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These labs are Mandatory for the completion of your program so please make sure you prepare in advance. Be sure you make arrangements now to get that day off work, find child care (back up daycare), find transportation ect.

If you started CQ on 10/19/2020 your proficiency dates are 5/21/2021

If you started CQ on 11/23/2020 your proficiency dates are 6/25/2021 o/p

If you started CQ on 1/11/2021 your proficiency dates are 5/21/21 y/o and 7/30/21 p/b

If you started CQ on 2/15/2021 your proficiency dates are 6/25/2021 op and 9/10/2021 bg

If you started CQ on 3/22/2021 your proficiency dates are 5/21/21 y/o,  7/30/21 p/b and 10/8/2021

If you started CQ on 5/3/2021 your proficiency dates are 6/25/2021, 9/10/2021 bg and 11/12/2021


On these campus day please remember you are to be in dress code as follows:

  1. In your scrubs (if you don’t have them they will be at campus waiting for you)
  2. Natural hair color, Long hair needs to be pulled back
  3. No facial piercings, gauges, necklaces, 1 ring and no dangly earrings. Gauges and facial jewelry can be replaced with clear or skin color retainers.
  4. Fingernails need to be no longer than ¼ inch long, no acrylic/gel nails, no glitter or nail jewelry
  5. Bring a sack lunch, usually only have about 30 minute break
  6. Water bottles are allowed
  7. Plan on arriving no later than 8:45 am, classes begin at 9am sharp
  8. Plan on staying until 5, however we often are done sooner
  9. Masks are also mandatory

*******When doing blue and yellow mod proficiencys you will need to wear a sports bra or tank top as we will be performing EKG’s

*******When doing green mod proficiencys you will need to wear sport shorts under scrubs as we will be getting and giving injections

If you are showing any signs or symptoms of not feeling well or have a fever of 100.4 or higher please reach out ASAP.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

Stephanie Nye  Online Academic Administrator


Phone Number: 517-318-3330