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Attention: Pharm Tech and Medical Assisting Students

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Attention: Pharm Tech and Medical Assisting Students
by Admin User - Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 8:24 AM

CQLC is pleased to announce that Pharm Tech and Medical Assisting students now have access to a study center in Moodlerooms strictly for certification study purposes. As most of you know, after a course is over, you no longer have access to that mod to enter back into. Since these program certifications are taken at the end of the entire program and not after one or two mods, you will need access to all of the course material well after a class is done. Since some material is not in the manuals and only in Moodlerooms, we have created study centers for each of these two programs to use as a study guide. The material that is included in the study centers are all of the videos, PowerPoints and handouts from each mod. You will have access to this center after you come out of red until you graduate.

We hope this is another tool you will use while prepping for your certifications.